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On July 26, 2011, in Main, by admin

You can group IOS apps into three categories, iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad and Universal.  Universal apps run on all three devices.

Some people think developers make two versions just to try to sell you the same app twice.  I don’t think that’s accurate.

Here are some reasons they might make two versions of the same app.

  1. Universal apps are more difficult.  You create different views for the iPad than you do for iPhone because the screens are not the same size.  The developer has to put several “if” statements in the code for universal apps.  If they have an iPad load this view, “else” load the other.  It can get very complicated in a large app.
  2. Price.  Since it is sometimes easier to create two apps, the developer may choose to charge less for each.  Let’s say I plan to charge 1.99 for an app.  I could make two versions and charge .99 each.
  3. If you have a large company, you might want two apps.  Say you have 20 developers.  You could assign 10 to the iPhone app and 10 to the iPad version.

I like Universal apps and buy them when I can.  However, I don’t assume discrete apps are just a way for the developer to get more money.


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