Advertisements in Apps

On July 27, 2011, in Main, by admin

I just wanted to take a minute to share some thoughts about advertisements in apps.  I think it should be like TV.  If you are watching a local channel for free then advertisements are how the TV station pays the bills.  I am fine with that.  However, I am watching a Pay Per View movie then I don’t want to see any advertisements.

Advertisements in apps are how developers can provide free or low cost apps.  Low cost apps are a grey area.  For example, if I planned to charge 4.99 for an app I could charge 2.99 and put advertisements in the app.  The idea might be that I would sell more and advertisement revenue would make up the difference.  You might think of advertisements in paid apps like movie previews.  Even though you paid to watch the movie, you still see advertisements before it starts.

I think it’s a win win.  The customer gets the app free or cheaper than normal and the developer still makes money.  You also might see an advertisement for something really cool that you would not have know about otherwise.

What do you think?


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