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On July 27, 2011, in Apps, by admin

Sure Thing is an app that helps you make sense of Horse Racing Handicapping.  Most people just bet on speed.  Speed is important, but there is more to it than that.  Others bet based on the odds.  That just means you are betting the same way most other people are betting.  That’s ok too, but if the horse has less than 1-1 odds, you will not win much.

Horses are handicapped by three things, Speed, Pace and Class.  Speed is self explanatory.  Pace is how well a horse runs over distance.  Class is based on the horses’ parents.  If mom and dad were expensive and won a lot of races, then the horse has a lot of class.

There is also the gate to consider.  Sometimes it seems that a certain gate will win more often than others.  “Sure Thing” also keeps track of the winning gates.

The trouble with handicapping is that all the numbers run together.  Speed, Pace, Class and prior winners.  Sure thing takes all those numbers and predicts who will win a race

It’s not perfect, because the handicapping is not perfect.  If we knew who would win every race it would be no fun.  However, “Sure Thing” helps you keep track of all the information.  That will hopefully help you make better choices.

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