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On July 27, 2011, in Apps, by admin

I wrote Smart Flash Cards for my little boy.  We sent him to a well known tutor the summer between third and fourth grade.  We spent about four thousand dollars in four months.  So it was a shock that November when we received a note from his math teacher.  She was concerned that he may fail math.

So I wrote the app “Smart Flash Cards”.  It builds a virtual deck of math flash cards in memory.  It present a card to the student and times how long it takes to answer.  If it takes too long, the student has to repeat that problem.  The student keeps going until they answer all 144 questions quickly and correctly.

He brought home an F (50%) on Friday.  Then he completed one deck of Smart Flash Cards every day for a week.  The next Friday he got 100% and was the first student in his class to complete the test.

The app is free.  I also have a free web based version called Free Math Flash Cards and a paid web based version of Smart Flash Cards for students who have a lot of trouble.  The paid version is also great for schools and youth groups.


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